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India, Uttar Pradesh, Ghaziabad,
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This "Core Spring" is our four-day flagship Spring training course, covering Spring Framework and related projects in depth. This course has been developed by ACLM as per the demand of programmers.

In this course, students build a Spring-powered JEE application that demonstrates the Spring Framework in an intensely productive, hands-on setting. Completion of this course entitles each student to waive the registration fee for the SpringSource Certified Spring Professional Examination. All students will be provided with Study Materials & assignments for the thorough knowledge on each topic.

The Course Contents for this training are as under:
Day 1
Spring Framework Foundations
Introduction to the lightweight container architecture and the Spring Application Context
How Dependency Injection and Test-Driven Development allow you to develop consistently structured, highly configurable, easily testable applications quickly
How Spring helps you write better, more cohesive code, with a discussion of relevant Object-Oriented design patterns
Hands-on labs based upon a realistic business case to be extended throughout the course
Day 2
Effective Middle-Tier Architecture
Pragmatic Spring Aspect-Oriented Programming in the middle-tier, with examples and without buzzwords
Effective persistence: how to build a persistence layer with Spring in best-practice fashion
Analysis and trade-offs of relevant persistence strategies, including Hibernate and Spring JDBC
Transaction management strategies with Spring at the service layer
Middle-tier unit and integration test strategies
Day 3
Implementing Enterprise Information Connectivity
Understanding ORM and Hibernate with Spring * An overview of Spring Web MVC, Spring JavaScript
Spring Web Flow and Spring Faces
Configuring Spring-managed services for remoting without any code
Designing contract-first web services with Spring Web Services


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