India, Uttar Pradesh, Ghaziabad
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India, Uttar Pradesh, Ghaziabad,
Published 1 year ago


1. Merits of SPSS
2. Data Handling:
a Creating SPSS data set
b Reading the data set from different formats
c Defining the variable attributes
d Different levels of measure: scale, ordinal, nominal
e Creating new variables
3. Univariate analysis:
a Basic descriptive statistics. Measures of central tendency: mean,
median, mode. Measures of dispersion: range, standard deviation, variance.
b Frequencies and Distribution
c Other basic Univariate procedures: Explore, Crosstab
4. Transforming the data:
a Computing new variables;
b Redefining or reorganization of existing data.
c Filtering the data
d Weighing Cases
e Sorting
f Replacing the missing values
g Using subsets of variables
5. Comparing similar variables. Comparing means and distribution.
Analysis of Variance.
6. Graphs and charts: bar chart, pie chart, histogram, scatter plot. Which of them should be used in different situations?
7. Hypothesis analysis with SPSS.
8. Testing dependence/independence, Pearsons chi-square, Levels of significance


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