ACLM Institute of Professional Studies offering a detailed professional training on java. which includes Core and advance Java The course has been designed by industry experienced professionals with the real need of requirement of Java Technology. The main purpose of this course is to address the issues that are being faced by the professionals in their daily programming life and to train them at our centre located in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. Java (Core / Advance) is a combination of various interesting topics. Core Java includes assertions, collection, Threads, classes, searching and sorting, regular expressions, logging, bit manipulation, serialization, networking with sockets, Remote Method Invocation, and Java Database Connectivity. Where as the Advance Java includes Struts, Hibernate, Spring, EJB, Swing, ANT and many other interesting frameworks. Course Outline Chapter 1: Java Fundamentals The Java Environment Data Types The String Class The StringBuffer Class Arrays Passing Data Types to a Method Constructors and Initialization Inheritance Abstract Classes Interfaces Static Data, Methods, and Blocks Wrapper Classes I/O Packaging and Distributing a Java Application Packages Managing Source and Class Files The javadoc Utility Documenting Classes and Interfaces Documenting Fields Documenting Constructors and Methods Running the javadoc Utility jar Files The Manifest File Bundling and Using Jar-Packaged Resources Miscellaneous Enhancements Enhanced for Loop Autoboxing and Auto-Unboxing Static Imports varArgs Typesafe Enums Formatted Strings Format Specifier Syntax Format Specifier Conversions Format Specifier Flags Formatted Integers Example Formatted Floating Points Example Formatted Strings Example Formatted Dates Example Complex Formatted Example Assertions Introduction Assertion Syntax Compiling with Assertions Enabling and Disabling Assertions Assertion Usage Regular Expressions Regular Expressions String Literals Character Classes Quantifiers Capturing Groups and Backreferences Boundary Matchers Pattern and Matcher Collection Classes Introduction The Arrays Class Searching and Sorting Arrays of Primitives Sorting Arrays of Objects The Comparable and Comparator Interfaces Sorting - Using Comparable Sorting - Using Comparator Collections Lists and Sets Iterators Lists and Iterators Example Maps Maps and Iterators Example The Collections Class Rules of Thumb Java Generics Introduction Defining Simple Generics Generics and Subtyping Wildcards Bounded Wildcards Generic Methods Advanced I/O Introduction Basic File I/O Example Buffered I/O The Console Class Object Serialization Serialization Issues Compressed Files Zip File Example Writing Your Own I/O Classes Property Files The Preferences Class Enhanced I/O Introduction Channels Buffers Typed Buffers Direct Buffers Logging API Introduction Loggers Logger Levels Logger Handlers Specifying Handlers and Formatters Configuring Handlers LogManager Networking Networking Fundamentals The Client/Server Model InetAddress URLs Sockets A Time-of-Day Client Writing Servers Client/Server Example Threads and Concurrency Review of Fundamentals Creating Threads by Extending Thread Creating Threads by Implementing Runnable Advantages of Using Threads Daemon Threads Thread States Thread Problems Synchronization Performance Issues

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