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  • 07/11/2016
  • Price: 30000.00 Rs
  • Basar(Arunachal Pradesh)

APOLO C100発泡スチロール圧縮機は、リサイクル業者のためのインテリジェントなと便利なツールを提供しています。C100は、というようにEPS、PSP、XPSおよびなどの材料のすべての種類を、圧縮可能性があります。圧縮された材料は、保管が容易で、発泡スチロールやポリスチレンペーパー・食品トレーやカップが含まれます。 技術データ スループット:100キロ/ hの 圧縮比:50:1 圧縮密度:200〜400キロ/㎥ 総消費電力:10.25キロワット 利点: スクリュー圧縮技術は、50の割合で連続...

2 Beverage cartons recycling Densifier

Poseidon Series of GreenMax recycling machines is just available for packaging and containers like beverage cartons. With strong mechanical pressure, the liquid can be easily extracted. GreenMax Poseidon machine is able to provide following service a...

1 Hot sale foam recycling crusher
  • Other Machines
  • 22/07/2016
  • Price: 26000.00 Dollar US$
  • New Delhi(Delhi)

Greenmax foam crusher machine could smash waste plastic foam into granules, then the granules could be made into other products. As a result, foam crusher could help a lot of industries save raw materials.The styrofoam shredder can crush all kinds of...

1 Styrofoam recycling machine by hot-melted technology

Mars melting machine, a recycling machine, could handle various foam materials and melt them down to blocks. Mars hot melting machines are specialist for rigid polyethylene foam recycling, but the process need heat to melt PE foam. Saving: Save cost ...

1 Shanghai intco recycling machine for eps foam
  • Other Machines
  • 21/07/2016
  • Price: 34000.00 Dollar US$
  • New Delhi(Delhi)

Zeus C100 compactor could also prevent the compacted material loosing again. ZEUS C200 could prevent the compacted EPS, PE Foam and other material from scattering. At the same time, the surface of compacted polyethylene foam will be melted. Thus, the...

1 Greenmax eps fish foam recycling machine

Focus on styrofoam recycling , Apolo Series is the most popular machine of GREENMAX. With 5 years' accumulative innovation, current APOLO can process most PS foams including EPS, XPS and PSP.EPS is no-biodegradable, no studying can tell how long it t...