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 INDIAN RO SYSTEM. ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company most trusted brand of RO industry world, we did successfully work in this field and we have no. of certified customers which are doing successfully run own RO water business. If you also start R...

1 Pulp Disintegrator

This Pulp Disintegrator instrument is used for standardized disintegration of pulp to a homogeneous suspension required for preparation of laboratory hand sheet and other purpose.

SURFACE COATING Machines - This section of the catalogue deals with instruments that test the surface structure and integrity of paper or board together with their effect on the end use functions. 

1 Fibre Classifier Bauer McNett  | UECIN

Bauer McNett Fiber Classifier is used for investigating the fiber length distribution in pulp. Each unit provided with an electric motor for driving the rotor and is fully self-contained.

1 Pulp Testing Equipments | UECIN

Pulp Testing Equipments - One of the most critical aspects of papermaking is pulp quality. The instruments that comprise this section of the catalogue are designed specifically for the analysis of different raw materials.